BARACUDA G3 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

Opening up the swimming pool for the summer months is normally one the best times of the year. In fact, friends and family from all over the immediate and surrounding areas are usually there to enjoy a cool dip and swim every now and then. In fact, these occasions can easily become the norm since most people know whose home to visit during the warmer months.

Though the pool is great fun and amusement, there are something that must be done to keep the pool clean and fresh at all times. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways to keep the swimming pool clean. However, the most affordable and suitable for many homeowners today involves purchasing the right type of cleaning equipment



With that being said, you may want to look at a product that has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars on The name of this product is called BARACUDA G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner.


  • If you find your unit stops running after only cleaning for a short while, replace the O-ring and you might find that clears the problem
  • Cleaner eliminates the need for paying an outsider to come to the home on a weekly basis, especially since this model is designed to do a thorough job of removing dirt, stains and other kinds of debris.
  • Great pool cleaner for that is being offered at an affordable price
  • Most people enjoying using this product because it is very easy for virtually anyone to set-up. It only takes approximately 20 minutes in total from start to finish including setting up a dedicated suction line.
  • Excellent time saver since it is automatic pool cleaners.
  • Designed by manufacturers to work very well and the quality is great. The product has been made to be completely serviced by the user. Meaning the swimming pool owner and their families can replace the parts when they break without the assistance of a third party repair service agency or pool store involved.
  • When parts are broken, they can be replaced in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. Even when the person does not have a lot of skills and experience in changing out parts.
  • Some people say that it cleans the pool so well and works like magic. This is because the manufacturers have designed it to quickly sucking up all of the dirt and debris that comes from people getting in and out of the pool or bad weather.
  • Made to get the pool spotless including removing hard to remove obstacles like sand.
  • Cleaner does not on the main drain of the pool instead it moves smoothly around the entire pool including around the corners and the steps of the pool.


  • Some parts that wear out with time and use. It will need to be replaced by the user
  • Requires user to pay constant attention when in use
  • Skips going in the shallow part of the pool


  • Designed with a quietness but powerful suction in mind. However, it has been made to work with low-speed pumps in order to take advantage of its maximum efficiency.
  • Cleaner completely eliminates and devours both small and medium-sized debris.
  • Designed to clean go into all places in the pool including the floors, walls and the steps.
  • Easy to set-up for quick installation
  • Keeper Valve has been designed to automatically regulate the water flow in order to maintain its peak cleaning performance
  • The maximum performance also provided at the lowest horsepower pumps.
  • For increased improvement around the corners of the pool, manufacturers have included a Wheel Deflector.
  • Equipment removes the scuffs normally found in the pool with its Scuff-resistant Long-Life Hoses
  • Unit avoids getting stuck on the lights fitting, drain covers and other features because it has a 36-Fin Disc increases adhesion to the pool’s surface.
  • Made with one moving part technology and is designed with a Durable Long-Life Diaphragm that is reliable.
  • Manufacturers have included a simplified routine maintenance solution via the use of a Patented Quick-Release Cassette.


Build Quality

The build quality of this swimming pool cleaner is made of solid material and is considered to be constructed with premium materials. It is also expected to last for several years since there is only one main part that will need to be replaced.

Ease of Use

The automatic cleaner that is designed to clean without hands on assistance from the user. Therefore, very little to no intervention is required to clean the entire swimming pool. So, it is also considered to be a great time saver for those who believe in do it yourself projects.

Does a thorough job of Cleaning?

Though this product has many great benefits, one of its main is the job that it performs. It cleans the bottom of the pool, the sides, the stairs and the corners of the swimming pool thoroughly. So, users are satisfied with the job that it does to keep it clean and fresh for the family and friends to use.


The BARACUDA G3 pool cleaner does an excellent job, especially when it is being compared to other competitors products. For instance, here’s some of the feedback that has been provided by users of both the competitor and Baracuda G3.

Hayward Navigator XL is considered to be less reliable than the Baracuda G3 since it breaks down more frequently. Some people say that it breaks down at least 3 times within one year. Therefore, consumers can expect the G3 to be less costly to maintain.

The Polaris 9550 Sport 4WD is not the best buy compared to the G3 because of the price. Meaning it is much more affordable than it’s competitor.

The Baracuda G3 is also better than the original Kreepy Krauly since it makes less noise and has the capability to not freeze when it is picking up debris from the palm fronds in the pools.