Ronald Stanton

Ronald is an amazing person and a team player with his 15 years of career. However, he started from small and his position was just a local retailer. Soon after a few years, he became a common face in the pool industry. Now he is one of the best renovation specialists throughout the New Jersey state. When he was promoted as a retail manager after 4 years of service, he made up his team with 3 more employees. Afterwards, he built such a strong channel of supply to become the best seller. Since he was a peer student and got highest credit in Mercer County Community College, it helps to know how to manage his team members. Today, as a renovation specialist, his company is utilizing his contacts and experience out of his life-time of pool renovation work. Don’t go nuts to know that he managed all sorts of this stuff after 22 years! Well, this is definitely a huge timeline, indeed. So guess what? He has experienced almost the entire innovation during that time of the modern pool era.