21 Best Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

It is an exhilarating moment when you are swimming in a well-decorated swimming pool. The experience of seaside scenery and the beauty of nature increase the enjoyment of your swimming. It is also essential to set up a swimming pool in your house, and your landscape must be effectively designed.

When you are looking for the best landscaping idea, we are providing more ideas on how your above ground pool landscape would look. You just pay attention to the ideas for defining the completeness of your design.

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

1. Painted Wood

Painted Wood above ground pool Landscaping

If you’re interested in a bit bolder, try including a splash of color to your fence by painting wood. You can either choose a big wooden plank to do this all-around your home or simply keep the color in one small area. Remember one thing that painting the fence will require a bit of extra maintenance. Besides, it also depends on your climate, and you will have to chip paint to deal with it.

2. Stylish Tiles

Stylish Tiles above ground pool

For your above pool decoration, you can create an elegant look using tiles and eye-catching up righting. Nowadays, black mosaic tiles are considered as upgraded and modern floor tiles. So it’s enhanced the floor beautification and creates an elegant look too.

3. Colorful Lighting

Colorful Lighting Above Ground Pool

To glam up your outdoor pool ground, soft lighting such as lanterns, candles, tike torches types of light can be a lovely way. It cost a little but provides a decent and gorgeous atmosphere.

You can celebrate a lovely night time by extinguishing all flames and makes your poolside gorgeous.

4. Natural-Looking

Natural Looking Above Ground Pool

By using natural elements, you can create a natural look. Natural stone, natural color, and elegantly placed fountains can provide to enhance this natural look on your above ground pool. Planting trees above the pool ground makes a rural setting in your pool areas.

5. Thoughtful Landscaping

landscaping above ground pool

Above the pool, ground landscaping is a popular way that helps to pretty up the ground pool area. Planting different flower trees, shrubs, and tall trees cover up the whole poolside area like a green Carpet. And those plants decorate the pure pool ground and eye shooting looks in creatable.

6. Using Gravel or Rock

Above Ground Pool Gravel

You can use gravel or Rock for the decoration around your above ground pool. As those rocks are available and suitable for all climates. No matter what type of pool you have but you can use those inexpensive river rocks or gravel to create traditional garden landscaping. At first, you need to clean up all the grass and weeds from the surrounding pool area. Then you can easily place the colorful rocks for landscape edging.

7. Above Ground Pool Decks

Above Ground Pool Decks

Designing decks for the above ground pool is slightly different from the home or patio decks. So before building up a deck for your above ground pool, you have to know about its hidden cost and categories thoroughly. The deck, which is made for the ground pool, may require solid foundation, support, and brace. And its shape depends on the pool design. If your pool design is round, then you need to create a rectangle or diamond shape deck. Sometimes a small yard can have a layer with a tinny ground pool.

In safety issues, you can check with the lock department, which provides you necessary building permission. And you just need a fence as a safety precaution. So make sure that your wall added with the local building cord.

8. Lovely Lounge Space

Above Ground Pool Lovely Lounge Space

When you set up your swimming pool, try to keep enough lounge space to increase the loveliness. It would be fantastic if you built-in wooded bench lined with outdoor cushion in the lounge space. If you have a rectangular pool, then set up a wood bench that will be stylish, and adds extra seating to this plain.

9. Add Tall-Growing Plants

Above Ground Pool Tall Growing Plants

Next, plants are a natural element that also creates a natural look to your pool. Plant tall-growing plants are used to decorate or mask the pool’s sides, and plant or annuals according to height. You can plant low-maintenance plants that are always better. But it would be better not to plant tall deciduous trees that have cones. Try to keep your pool debris-free. It will be fun in the foreground and plant some summer blooming perennial. You know that the pool will generate extra heat from reflecting the light of the trees. When you are planning above-ground pool landscaping, choose plants that are sun and heat-loving, as well as drought-tolerant plants.

10. Pool Lighting Ideas

Above Ground Pool Lighting

A sound lighting system in your pool and around it plays an essential decorative role too.

Sometimes you can’t enjoy your pool during the day hours. Besides, you want to enjoy the warm nights of the summer in your backyard’s calm pool. Don’t worry, after the sunset, and you can enjoy those precious moments of relaxation with different lighting options available.

We need also mix in many different systems to light up your backyard, like spotlights, torches, or beacons that are a good LED lighting system for pools.

For romantic atmosphere or more privacy, you place a few candles around the pool, or more original and use floating candles. In many parts of the country, remaining heat will turn that pool mighty attractive well into the evening. Don’t worry about electricity, today’s pool lights can be battery or solar-powered system.

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11. Bring the Desert to Your Oasis

Bring the Desert to Your above ground pool

Some homeowners want to make their swimming pool to bring a touch of the desert to his backyard, complete planting palm trees and a small wood fragment beach around his pool.

Palm trees increase the natural beauty of the pool. On the other hand, the beautiful thing about palm trees is that they don’t drop leaves in the pool water. When they grow up, they provide plenty of shade.

12. Anyone for Chess

Above Ground Pool Landscaping

It seems as though this homeowner couldn’t quite make up his mind what he wanted. He settled for a unique combination of concrete pavers and grass to create his outdoor chessboard. All you need now are some pretty big chess pieces and someone to play against.

13. Could Be Simple

Above Ground Pool Landscaping

Simplicity is the most beautiful idea to make your pool attractive. A swimming pool only needs two things, plenty of water and a level piece of ground. Sometimes too much decoration makes the pool area congested. So choose to keep it simple with a poured concreted pad and a set of wood steps leading up to the pool.

14. Tradition Design

Above Ground Pool Tradition design

The traditional design makes your pool more gorgeous. Though it is traditional, you will feel the newness in this area. Usually, we see most of the pool design in a traditional look.

15. A Touch of the Tropics

Above Ground Pool Shrubs Design

You can create the illusion of tropics by planting palm trees and shrubs in your above pool ground. To enhance the surrounding beauty, and create a tropical atmosphere on your poolside, these plants are straightforward to take care of and grow very quickly. So it provides a little shade on your pool ground.

16. Keep the Pool Water Clean

do you run pool pump while swimming

Nobody wants dirty pool water. To keep your pool water net and clean, you may build up a cement pad. This shade should be put on next to a shade tree. Those give relaxation out of the sun and cool up until you on a hot summer day. Regular cleaning with above ground pool cleaner is another great way to keep pool water crystal clear.

17. Room for a Crowd

Above Ground Pool sitting place

This particular design looks more like a pool at the local club. In this space, you would extend several chairs and can invite all of your friends. So just relax here.

18. Floating Lounge Chair

Above Ground Pool Floating Lounge Chair

It’s relaxing to spend in a lounge chair on the pool water. It has a head, arm, and footrests that provide you unlimited comfort. And some of the lounge chairs have a cup holder too. So you can drink and relax in the pool water. On Amazon, you find these types of lounge chairs available.

19. Built-in Bar

Above Ground Pool Bar Design

The swim-up pool bar is a hot and new trend in the pool design industry, and there you enjoy cold drinks and beverages during your pool time. It requires more space while designing a bar on your ground floor. On the dry side of the swim-up bar, you may add some other entertainment options. And it surely entertains you guest and partners.

20. Inflatable Playhouse

Above Ground Pool Inflatable Playhouse

A giant inflatable playhouse is an entertaining cooling sector for your child members. It is a safe way for kids to enjoy the pool, and after swimming, they can rest there. Those playhouses are available in different colors and designs, and usually, its shape is funny to attract the kids.

21. Floating Pool Speaker

Above Ground Pool Floating Speaker

Just think that you’re enjoying your favorite music during the swimming time! Yes, it’s possible. Through a floating pool speaker, you can hear the music. As it is a waterproof speaker so you can bring it in the pool.

Don’t worry about its sinking because this device also floats on the water.

Final Words

We sum up by saying that your above ground pool would be the best-enjoying place on a hot summer day.

So if you increase its natural beauty, it would be more charming and eye-catching. Now it’s up to your hand what you exactly want to do with your pool ground. If you’re going to enhance its natural beauty, then you should follow the above points. When you can follow up on it, then it gives your pool area more beautiful.

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