About Me

As a marketing manager of some personal appliances shop, I always try to provide the best product for the customer. I believe one thing that every customer has a family and he/she buys the product for their family as I buy anything for my lovely family.

Hello, this is Phillip Dennis. In 1967 I had born in a small town in California. After completing post-graduation I complete a course on marketing.  I learn a lot about marketing policy as well as customer mentality, a tendency on the quality of the product. All the customer or buyer have some tendency to buy the best quality product.

After 2000 world become faster than previous century and marketing policy also been changed due to improvement of internet. Nowadays we have some intention to search on the internet before buy a product in the market. It’s help them a lot to find out the best one from hundreds.

I have lots of ideas and experiences about the vacuum cleaner. I have been reviewing, marketing and using vacuum cleaner for many years. I know when I buy a vacuum it’s for my wife and it’s not so easy to satisfy her by a normal one. In last 15 years I always contact with that customer whom I sold vacuum. Being a very social and friendly person it is very easy for me to have their experiences about the vacuum cleaner. Beside this I have some expert’s friends [thanks to them] who also give me some advice and ideas about the vacuum cleaner.

I always attend fairs and conference about home appliances and get latest ideas, technology and brand about vacuum cleaner. Its help me a lot to write the reviews on vacuum cleaner which I provide you through my site vacuumhunt and I will happily do this work.

If you need any query than contact with us: vacuumhunter(at)gmail.com